Tour Guide – 5 Advantages Of Existence Like a Tour Guide

An excursion guide is among the best jobs on the planet and listed here are 5 from the countless reasons why

Free Travel

An excursion guide is compensated to go to the most wonderful places on the planet. I’ve come across sunrises at Angkor Wat, walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and cruised among the limestone karsts of Halong Bay. They are once-in-a-lifetime possibilities in my clients however for me it is only a later date at work. I recieve compensated to consider family groups to water parks, to laze around on the Brazilian beach and hike with the Patagonian backwoods.

Meeting People

Every trip there’s a brand new group to satisfy. You’re able to learn about their lives and share their travel moments. Fortunately most people wish to enjoy yourself on their own holiday, which means you are encircled by happy, excited people who wish to try something totally new which becomes infectious. Good groups are tremendous fun and you’re sad to determine these people go. From time to time you can find a ‘dud’ group, a lot of people who possibly should not go on holidays but must have remained in your own home viewed TV however this is rare along with a good tour guide will be able to alter the energy associated with a group, to ensure they are ‘The Best Group Ever’.


Should you bring several wealthy vacationers into the suburbs the neighborhood everyone loves you. Kick backs take the type of commissions and freebies. Free restaurant meals, free admission to sites, free clothes and free drinks at clubs. It may sometimes seem like as being a celebrity with smiles and waves in the public when you turn up inside a town. Obviously it’s really a really shallow relationship, the locals only as if you for the connections with tourist with money and also you only utilize them for the kick backs. However, you also make genuine relationships with locals that has nothing concerning your cashed up groups

In Charge is extremely A Long Way Away

Should you operate in a workplace the probability is your manager is nearby, prepared to pounce the moment something goes just a little wrong. No such issues like a tour guide. My boss is really a continent away, in another time zone. I’m given freedom and versatility so that as lengthy as feedback and trip reports are great there’s little reason to stay in contact.


I grew to become an excursion guide for that lifestyle. For that freedom it provided and also the endless possibilities to visit. I’ve no routine. Everyday I’m somewhere different having a diverse group. I find out about new cultures and new languages and am fully immersed on the planet.

Post Author: Lacey Keith