The Most Popular Types of Whales to See When Whale Watching

Whale watching. An excellent activity to be done independently, with a small group, or even on a large outing. It is not too expensive and as long as you are visiting a coastal town, there is a chance you might be able to whale watch.

As whales are migratory creatures with yearly expected patterns, it makes it easy to whale watching very particular animals. If you are interested in seeing a very specific whale, you might have to go to a certain location at a certain time. However, some whales are common to see while you whale watch.

The Blue Whale

With a length of nearly 30 metres and a weight of 173 tonnes, these animals are the largest animals in existence. These animals are endangered but are not dangerous to humans. They are known as baleen whales, which means they have a specific type of teeth to help them eat small crustaceans such as krill or anchovies. As the name implies, they are blue-grey in colour.

  • From June to September, Quebec is a great place to see blue whales.
  • May to August, they can usually be found in Iceland.
  • The islands of Azores see blue whales from February to March.
  • In California, they usually are nearby from July to October.

The Humpback Whale

These gentle giants are well-known for their mournful and long whale songs. Like blue whales, they are baleen whales as well, and also do not pose any threat to humans. Humpback whales have the best-documented migration pattern, and whale watching in Sydney is one of the most popular destinations to see these creatures, although they can be found all along the coast of Australia during their migration seasons.

  • From May to November, they can be found in Australia.
  • From January to March, they roam the coast of Mexico.
  • In Greenland, multiple types of whales can be seen from June to August.

Other popular whales that you might see are Orcas and Minkes. Orcas in Quebec are most common, as they tend to stay in the same location year-round, rather than travel large distances like humpbacks and blue whales. Minke whales prefer colder climates, and as such can be seen in areas such as Iceland, Greenland, Scotland, and Quebec.

Whale watching is an increasingly popular activity where you can view nature without interrupting it completely. For a unique outdoor adventure, consider making your next trip a whale watching one!

Post Author: Lacey Keith