Some Of The Best Marinas In Southeast Asia To Look For A Yacht To Buy

When you are looking to buy a yacht, there are many luxury marinas throughout Southeast Asia where you may find your perfect vessel. You may want to spend some time travelling around them to locate the ideal yacht you wish to buy and find yourself an excellent deal. Below, you will find some of the best marinas in Southeast Asia that will give you the best chance to find your perfect yacht for sale and make your dreams come true.

Keppel Bay In Singapore

When looking for used luxury boats for sale, Singapore has some excellent options available, and you will want to try visiting the Keppel Bay marina. It is the biggest and best facility for luxury vessels in the region, and you will see lots of expensive yachts moored there. It is a full-service marina, so if you see a suitable yacht for sale, it is worth speaking to the marine engineers and asking them about it. You can find your ideal vessel here with some luck, and you may also want to keep it moored in Singapore if convenient for you.

The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Malaysia

You may also want to visit the Malaysian island of Langkawi and visit the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club to see if there are any suitable vessels for sale. It is also an excellent destination to enjoy a holiday while there and treat yourself to some luxury. It is one of the highest quality marinas in the area and attracts the biggest yachts and wealthiest yacht owners, so you may be hard-pressed to find a cheap bargain here. However, if money is no object, you can see some beautiful yachts here that you would love to own one day.

Ana Marina In Vietnam

Ana Marina in Vietnam is another destination where you may find a suitable yacht for you to buy, but they currently can only accommodate vessels up to 40 metres long. There are plans to expand on this to accommodate up to 70 meters, but there are still some excellent day cruisers and smaller yachts moored at this marina.

One way to stop you from having to fly to all the different marinas in Southeast Asia is by using the services of a reputable yacht broker to help you with your search for the perfect vessel. You can let them know your requirements and budget, and they can show you what is currently available, making the search process much easier for you.

Post Author: Lacey Keith