Planning A Luxurious Holiday In Tropical Koh Samui

If you are keen to treat yourself to a luxurious holiday, Koh Samui in Thailand is an excellent destination you may want to consider. You can enjoy a fantastic holiday on this beautiful island and ensure you take home lots of wonderful memories of your trip to the Land of Smiles. Below are some tips to help you plan your ideal holiday and find the perfect resort in Koh Samui to stay in that is comfortable and luxurious.

The Best Time To Visit Koh Samui

Thailand is a tropical country, and the weather is hot all year round, but there are better times of the year to visit than others. The most popular time is between November and February when the weather is cooler, and there are the most tourists. The summer in Thailand is between March and May, and the weather is extremely hot, but there are fewer tourists. The rainy season in Thailand is the quietest for tourists and runs between June and October, but you can still get a suntan, and there are some fantastic deals available during this time of year.

Finding A Suitable Resort

It may surprise you to find how affordable some of the luxurious resorts are in Koh Samui, which are much cheaper than in western countries. You can use websites such as TripAdvisor to find suitable hotels and resorts you can stay in and look at their reviews from previous guests. There are various accommodation options, such as private villas with swimming pools, luxury hotel suites, and cheaper alternatives if you prefer. However, you may want to look at the things you want to see and do while on Samui and choose a conveniently located resort, so you have less travelling to do while there.

Deciding What To See & DO On Koh Samui

You can also use the TripAdvisor website to plan what you will do on the island while you are there. You can use it to find the various attractions and excursions available and see what takes your fancy that you will enjoy while you are there. The island is around 230 km², so it is not too big, but there are plenty of things to occupy your time and ensure you have a fantastic holiday. You can even book your excursions online if you want, but it is often best to do it while you are on the island to ensure you get the best possible price. With some planning and research, you can organise a fantastic trip to Koh Samui and ensure you take home plenty of beautiful memories of your holiday.

Post Author: Lacey Keith