Patong Beach Is a Tourist Destination

Patong beach in Phuket is a huge tourist destination. Its sandy beaches are lined with restaurants, cafes, and bars. Unlike other tourist destinations, Patong is open for an adventurous nightlife. It is barely regulated. You can spend dusk until dawn at a go-go strip club or a topless beer bar. If this scene is not for you, there are family-oriented dining and beach activities. Whatever you are interested in, Patong beach in Phuket has a venue.

How Did Patong Become a Tourist Destination?

Patong was once a quiet fishing village. In the 80s and 90s, the government revamped the town to become a tourist destination. Patong is extremely popular among Europeans and especially the Swedes. Patong is nicknamed “Little Sweden” because of the amount of Swedish tourists who visit each year. If you are a foreigner looking for a true adventure, Patong is a diverse population filled with Russian and Mandarin eateries.

What Kind of Food Is Popular in Patong?

If you are worried about finding something to eat in Patong, you should not be. Patong restaurants are mainly Mandarin and Russian centred. However, with the huge Swedish population, you can also experience amazing Swedish meatballs or another traditional European dish.

The cafes and restaurants vary greatly in their atmospheres. One restaurant may have topless waitresses while another is family oriented with a specially designed children’s menu. You can find a romantic setting on the beach for you and your loved one, or an upbeat bar with live music. The food is as diverse as its population.

Where Should I Stay in Patong?

There are many hotels and motels along the beach in Patong. A Patong beach hotel (known as โรงแรมหาดป่าตอง in Thai) is one of the most popular choices, as they have more accommodations than motels. Hotels include pools, direct beach access, and other benefits such as better housekeeping, concierge, and VIP access to local shows.

Some hotels include tourist event coordinators who will help you access different activities such as parasailing, kayaking, and jet skiing. Jet ski rentals are fairly inexpensive, averaging approximately $50 US.

When you are traveling to a beach destination, the beach is the highlight of the trip. If you are flying, you will not want to bring chairs, umbrellas, and other beach accessories on the plane to or from Patong beach. Many hotels offer a rental service where you can temporarily rent any gear you will need to enjoy the beach. You will not have to worry about leaving purchased umbrellas or chairs behind, as you can rent them by the hour or day.

Post Author: Lacey Keith