Looking Into the Art of Quilting: Appreciating the Hard Work

Handmade quilts are like small home décor treasures. You would be surprised to know how much effort and work goes into making a quilt with a unique design, and for the quilter, the final product is not just something to sell, but more like a fine piece of art. If you want to order a special one, or are interested in learning to quilt, understanding the experience and work process is important. In this post, we take a look at the art of quilting, appreciating the intense work and ideas that go into making a quilt.

Months of work

Many buyers are often astonished at the amount of time required to make a handmade quilt. This is not factory-made, or a comforter you would pick from the local store. It’s a product that has been envisioned and brought to life by a quilter, often with years of experience. So, how long does it take to make one? Quilters will agree that some products take a lot of time, because of the work involved, which could be anything from applique to embroidery, and this could be months or even a year or more. On the other hand, simple designs can be finished within days.

Things to know

Many quilters prefer to work with others, who help them finish the work faster. From selecting the colors, to the overall art and actual quilting process, everything is planned in advance. By the way, if you are ordering a quilt, ask if the quilter is associated with one or more of quilting guilds, which says a lot about their work. Also, you may want to ask about the type of quilt the quilter can make, because there are quite a few options. Many people are interested in heirloom quilting, while use of applique work can take time but the final product is worth the effort.

Final word

Buyers who know about quilting and the effort of quilters don’t really mind paying the price, and some of the creative artwork are retained by quilters, because they know it’s beauty. If you have any questions related to quilting, you can ask them too, but don’t expect quick orders. Quilting is an art that must be done with great care, and often that means working on the idea for a week, before the actual work begins. Some quilters are busy for next decade or so – it’s that kind of demand.

Post Author: Lacey Keith