A Guide to Sydney Harbour

If you’re spending some time in the vibrant city of Sydney, you simply must explore Sydney Harbour, the home of the famous Sydney Opera House and the amazing bridge we all know and love. With more than 150 miles of coastline, with quite coves and pristine beaches, not to mention the many great eateries and bars that hug the bay. Regardless of the time of year, there’s plenty to see and do around the harbour, which comes to life when the sun goes down.

Sydney from the water

By taking a water taxi in Sydney, you get to see all the famous sights from a different angle and there are tailored cruises that take you out to Circular Quay, which is the hub for boats and water taxis. On one side of the quay, there is the Museum of Contemporary Art and also Customs House, which is a cultural haven for historians. The two main attractions on the other side of Circular Quay are the Sydney Opera House and the Royal Botanic Gardens, both of which are must-see venues.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

You can experience a panoramic view if you climb to the summit of the Harbour Bridge and many tourists are happy to negotiate the climb, as it offers unprecedented views of the bay. You can also cross the bridge using the pedestrian walkway, which is free, although it can be a bit windy.

Idyllic Harbour Beaches

The beaches in the harbour are naturally protected, so the waves are quite small, perfect for swimming and there are some idyllic spots like Camp Cove and Watsons Bay, where you can enjoy fine cuisine at top-rated restaurants. If you have a car, then finding these quiet secluded beaches is quite easy and don’t forget to do some online research to help you plan your time.

Sydney Opera House

If you are lucky, there will be performances while you are in Sydney and while the exterior takes your breath away, wait until you step inside this unique structure. They regularly have operas, as you would expect in an opera house, while there are also music concerts from a diverse range of styles.

Getting Around

There are, of course, the famous water taxis, buses, trains and road taxis that will ferry you from place to place and in the evenings, there are many small bars in narrow alleys that have lots of character.

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Post Author: Lacey Keith