Gay Costa Rica – Quepos is THE Destination!

By David Currier -

Gay Tours in Quepos Costa Rica offers a selection of outings with options that fit various physical abilities including an exciting zip-line tour, whitewater rafting (ask if there has been enough rain!).

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Travel Tips For Personality Types A To Z

By David Currier -

Type A travelers must have guidebooks, but how many guidebooks are too many? And will your Smartphone work?

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Theories, Thoughts, and Tips … On Tipping

By Kevin Kalley -

Tipping is only going to apply to about 20% of your actual travel expenses, and then the gratuities will actually range from about 1% (room attendants) to 15 – 20% (restaurant waitstaff) of that part of your travel budget. It’s not very much to ensure you have a pleasant dining or travel [...]

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U.S. Airline Service – What’s Their Problem?

By Kevin Kalley -

And the public failed to see a difference between the not-for-profit public transit system in their home city and the for-profit airline system serving the world.

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Newark Liberty – Paris; OpenSkies Upgrades Inflight Services

OpenSkies, the transatlantic subsidiary of British Airways, is adding a new ‘Eco’ cabin class to its planes in June, 2012.

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How Much Duty Free Wine Can I Bring Back From My Trip to Europe? (Please visit me in jail!)

By David Currier -

There is no federal limit on the amount of alcohol a traveler may import into the U.S. for personal use, however, large quantities might raise the suspicion that the importation is for commercial purposes.

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