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D.H. Lawrence Ranch Open To Public

D.H. Lawrence was a renowned 19th century writer revered for his extraordinary achievements in other artistic forms including travel writing, journalism, drama, and painting, among others.

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You & Benny Lewis & Fluent in 3 MONTHS

By David Currier -

To be successful – and almost anyone can be – you must have a passion and commitment to learn your target language. How do you implement that passion? That’s where Benny Lewis’ Fluent in 3 MONTHS comes to the rescue.

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Yellowstone Expedition Guide – Sheep Eaters, Frontier Fiction and Surgical Scapels

By David Currier -

Yellowstone might be viewed as Nature’s ongoing, scientific “experiment” wrapped in myth, remnants of horrific volcanic eruptions, and a remarkable collection of animal life. It is a gigantic petri dish!! A visit (or several) to Yellowstone provokes thoughtful reflection on life, and may [...]

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Linda Ellerbee’s Travel Memoir – TAKE BIG BITES

By Kevin Kalley -

Ms. Ellerbee and I agree that dining and wine are essential parts of any travel experience.

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Are the French Rude? Why Do We Hate to Love Them? It’s Pure Seduction!

By David Currier -

Seduction for the French is a game; it's the art form that the aloof, white-aproned waiter uses to persuade you to accept the last, too small table crammed into his popular sidewalk café.

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Vie de France – Book Review

By David Currier -

It's hard to imagine that a month in a country whose language you do not speak would not present tensions within a group of even very close friends who have not traveled together before. Yet, for Haller and his comrades, difficult experiences are transformed into comic frustration.

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Traveling Curmudgeon – Travel Quotes – Book Review

By David Currier -

Like fairy tales oft RE-re-read to your children, some travel stories deserve to be repeated. At the launch of, it seems appropriate to recycle and update this review I wrote several years ago. I think every traveler can relate, even if they have taken one trip in their life.

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