“Call me Ishmael” in Search of a Maine Windjammer Cruise

By David Currier -

There are 13 ships in Maine Windjammer Association’s fleet. We chose the Grace Bailey because of her status as a National Historic Landmark, and the dates we selected included musical entertainment. Other specialty cruises include wine tasting, wellness, races, art and photography, kids and [...]

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Some Additional Things I NEVER Travel Without (the CRUISE Edition)

By Kevin Kalley -

It's amazing when you are 100 yards away from the dock and headed for the open seas, and you suddenly remember little things you wish you'd packed for your cruise.

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Dental floss has more uses for travelers than cleaning teeth.

Packing List – Some Things I NEVER Travel Without

By Kevin Kalley -

It's amazing how common household items may make your travels more carefree.

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Travel Tips For Personality Types A To Z

By David Currier -

Type A travelers must have guidebooks, but how many guidebooks are too many? And will your Smartphone work?

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More of Kevin’s Strange Travel Tips

By Kevin Kalley -

Nighttime leg cramps can happen anywhere but often strike people, even those who don’t normally suffer from them, after a long flight.

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U.S. Customs – It’s Gone to the Dogs

"Some flights are notorious for bringing in sausages or fresh fruits."

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TSA Expands “PreCheck” Traveler Processing Test

The PreCheck program reflects efforts by the TSA to address passengers' frustration at, and criticism of, stringent airport security checks.

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Meal service is not like this today!

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night…

By Kevin Kalley -

Create a meal fit for a king and enjoy air travel like it used to be. Today, fellow travelers, it's all up to you! And you can't buy it onboard.

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Ryanair Agents Earn Bonus Pay for “Catching” Excess Baggage Scofflaws

By Kevin Kalley -

If you are checking in with Ryanair, thoroughly investigate their cabin baggage and checked baggage rules on their website before you leave your home for the airport. Ryanair employees are now compensated 50 pence (about USD $ 0.75) for each overweight piece of cabin baggage that they identify.

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American Airlines’ Enhanced International Baggage Check-In

American Airlines is expanding its Curbside Check-In service to give customers traveling internationally the opportunity to check their bags with the skycap.

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