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Kevin B. KalleyEditor

My mother jump- started my travel career when she permitted me to restock the travel brochure kiosks in the travel agency where she worked when I was a child. Early travels with my family included road-trips around Long Island where we lived and to up-state New York. My father nurtured my curiosity about the mysteries of the world by visiting the great museums of Manhattan with my brother and me.

Much later, I trained at Meridian Travel School in New York, and shortly thereafter I went to work for American Airlines in one of the most beautiful buildings on earth, the Chrysler Building.

During my 18-year career at American, I worked with car rental companies, cruise lines and major hotel chains of the world developing and enhancing their product distribution systems in the pre-internet world. Remember the days of paper brochures and dumb terminals?

After American Airlines, I was fortunate to be hired as an editor at Later becoming editor in chief, I was responsible for printing and distribution of our monthly travel magazine to 200,000 club members as well as editing and/or writing and posting of hundreds of new travel features daily on the BestFares website.

My travel experiences and opportunities are the dreams of children. And mine came true. Traveling the world for over 30 years now, I’ve visited over 75 countries and nearly all of the states in the USA. I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas and have a cottage near the Pu`u `ō crater on the Big Island of Hawaii.

As I begin this new adventure of, I look forward to sharing the world with you, the travel dreamer. Perhaps one day we will meet on a check-in queue somewhere.

Until then, bon voyage!

David H. CurrierEditor at Large

I began my adult writing career as a teacher of French and English in northern Maine. However, you can’t keep the boy down on the farm, and I soon discovered the excitement and rewards of observing and participating in the arts, culture and history of societies far from rural, remote New England. A year as a student in Paris infected me with the travel bug – and I’ve never been cured.

Now, after 35 years of my travel experience in the airline business, I chuckle when I think that as a child my first airplane ride was on a sightseeing commuter over Acadia National Park with a company that eventually became Bar Harbor Airlines.

Aside from my experience traveling the world for business and pleasure, I was raised in the hospitality business by parents who owned a hunting and fishing lodge in Aroostook County, Maine. I thrive exploring the spice market of the souks of Marrakesh, walking the canyons of New York City skyscrapers, hiking the deserts of Arizona, Mexico, California or Hawaii, sailing the Mediterranean on a five-masted clipper ship, crawling through ancient Maya tunnels in Belize, or calling moose in the evening shadows of a dense Maine forest during their fall mating season. Yet, I greatly appreciate a well executed meal at a fine restaurant or at home with friends and a selection of carefully crafted wines.

I’ve been fortunate to spend extended periods of time living in Paris, Manhattan, Melbourne (AU), Puerto Vallarta, and northern and coastal Maine. All told, I’ve visited over 25 of the 50 states and more than 25 foreign countries. Each of these experiences provided insight into different cultures which contributes to my perspectives when writing travel stories, or when editing those written by other travel journalists. I’m not an “if this is Tuesday, it must be Belgium” traveler. I prefer longer stays at my destinations, and I may return several times to better understand the lives of the locals before I sit down at my PC to write.

I believe that those of us fortunate enough to be involved in travel writing have made a commitment to ourselves to paint great pictures with our words and photographs so that others will be interested in investigating the parts of the world which we describe. It is essential, too, that we not lose sight of the many vendors with whom we work, and that they are “thanked” for their commitments to global travel when they see our stories in print.

Last Updated July 1, 2011